Coat of Arms, Kvareli Municipality

The Shield is parted per fess with broken line, the chief is halved vertically (per pale). The base of the shield is argent two-tower castellated wall with open gate depicted on the vert field. The or crown is placed between the towers and the or grape - below the gate. Gules cross in the center of the argent field of dexter chief, argent Pegasus in the center of gules field of sinister chief. There is the city argent crown above the shield - the triple towered castellated wall (castle-shape) with semi-open gate. There is the argent-gules bow with the motto "Kvareli" in sable letters on the argent field below the shield.





Flag, Kvareli Municipality

A horizontal bicolor of gules and vert; with a white equilateral triangle based at the hoist containing one gules cross in the center. The proportion of the flag is 2:3